Closet Audits, Shopping, & Personal Styling

Style Profile

Initial Consultation & Body Shape Guide

Get to know your body shape and flaunt it with your new style! 

Styling Process

During the initial consultation, we will discuss your Style Profile, Client Questionnaire, and style goals and dilemmas.

What You'll Learn

I’ll provide you with a Style Guide that suggests styles that will most flatter your body type.

Your Closet

1. Closet Audit & Organization

We’ve all had that moment when we are staring at the clothes in our closet and feeling overwhelmed when trying to get dressed for a special event or our daily routine. Everyone Edie works with feels rejuvenated after a closet detox, and (bonus!) we can go shopping afterward to find your next favorite blouse.

This is an important step in your journey to defining your style. Let Edie be your guide!

Closet Audit Process

By this step, Edie has already familiarized herself with your style profile and has an idea of your lifestyle, and your style goals. During this process, she will work with you to detox your closet by assessing what should stay, be donated or sold and what should be altered. Also, she will compile a list of items that she recommends to complete your “working wardrobe,” which she says is a wardrobe that works for YOUR life. She will also recommend and implement organization if needed, to obtain your “Inspired Closet”.

What You'll Learn

Edie will join you in an adventure into your closet to break down the barriers between you and your clothing. It is time we uncovered what you like to wear, what you want to keep and what new items you need to complete your wardrobe.


2. 1on1 Shopping Day!

Now for the fun part! Bring your style profile and style goals to life with Edie on a shopping trip. This is a no-stress, style wisdom-filled shopping experience, where you will also learn valuable information
that you can use moving forward. Let her whisk you away! This will be a shopping trip to remember.

Shopping Trip Process

Having complied a list of recommended pieces, Edie will go ahead of you and pre-pull items that fit within your budget, work with your existing wardrobe and most importantly, that fit and flatter you. All you have to do is show up, try on, and purchase what you like best.

Working Within Your Budget

Edie shows you the tricks of the trade and works within your budget to make your style dreams come true.

If you have a list of favorite stores or inspired items, Edie can help navigate the best fashion finds within your budget.


3. Style Session

Your shopping bags are full and your closet is detoxed. Now, how do you mix and match your clothes and use what you’ve learned so far to make the most out of your wardrobe? That’s where the style session comes in. Edie isn’t done working her magic yet!

Styling Process

She will return to your home with you to get to the drawing board and create multiple outfits with your new finds and existing pieces. You can then shop your closet and be confident that you will be styled appropriately for any moment in your life.

What You'll Learn

This is where the real discovery starts to come to life. Working with Edie, you can answer any questions you might have and try on different outfit combinations, mixing old and new to make the most of your wardrobe!

Your takeaway

Style Sheets

Never leave without a takeaway! Didn’t take notes during the style session? Not to worry! During the style session Edie will have photographed the outfits she created.

She will return to her studio and produce style sheets that will be delivered to you via PDF booklet. These sheets will be an easy guide for you to reference and easily accessible online. No more struggling with what to wear. Just look at the sheet, pull that complete outfit from your closet and GO!

Define Your Style. Fill Out Your Style Profile Today!

4 Steps to an Inspired Closet

4 Steps to an Inspired Closet


Your closet should be a place that inspires you, not overwhelms you!

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