What exactly is investment dressing? Is it the same for everyone? Are there specific pieces we all should invest in? Do certain fabrics, or designers constitute an investment?

As a Personal Stylist with decades of experience in the fashion industry, these are some questions I have received about this subject. I believe they can only be answered on a case-by-case basis because there are a LOT of circumstances that factor in.

But what if you don’t have a Stylist to guide you? Before you drop an entire paycheck on that Alexander McQueen “Denim Midi Dress” (S/S 2021, OMG, YUM!), here are some helpful tips you can consider.

Investment dressing is not the same for everyone. Everyone’s life STYLE and livelihood are individual, and I believe their wardrobe should reflect that. For some of us, high-end or couture designer pieces could cost us our monthly mortgage (or more), it may not even be a piece that would work in our lifestyle. I can’t say everyone should have a cashmere sweater, but I can say if sweaters are a staple in your wardrobe, you may want to invest in cashmere that can go the distance, year after year! It does NOT need to be the price point of the Bruno Cucinelli to constitute an investment though, as that is dependent on the individual’s budget.

Here are some suggestions on how to decide on what you might want to invest in.

Any piece that is a classic staple for YOUR lifestyle, that you can potentially wear for years (maybe a basic pair of black pants, a pair of pumps, great jeans) is worth investing in. These will vary for each of us, but you may consider investing in better quality staple garments.

What does that mean though? Investment pieces withstand time and trends. They’re made of top-quality fabrics that last, and their design is simple, chic, 1but still stylish. They can be styled a multitude of different ways, whether with another staple, or with an of-the-moment trendy piece, and you’ll never get tired of them.

You also may want to ask yourself these questions. Is it something that I can change the look of often? Am I going to wear it enough the get the value out of it?

If these answers are yes, then it just might be worth it! You certainly don’t want buyer’s remorse, or for the garment to sit and collect dust. I wholeheartedly believe that any piece, no matter what price, is of no value if it sits unworn in our closet.

It helps to know that sometimes a piece with an expensive price tag doesn’t always mean better quality. Fabric and workmanship should back up the price. Touching the piece and seeing the work is important. A $350 blouse should not feel and look like a $30 one! This has become a more prominent consideration with today’s online shopping.

But back to the investment piece. Are there any that I think are good investments for everyone? Actually yes. Shoes, handbags, and accessories are some items worth investing in, as these finishing pieces can elevate an ensemble, and can usually stand the test of time, stylistically.

A great CHANEL Classic Handbag paired with a moderately priced ensemble, is an investment that can go the distance.

Ultimately, each person needs to determine what the staples are for their wardrobe, and then decide which of those staples they may want to invest in.

One thing that you can almost always count on, If you’re looking for a quality piece, “fast fashion” is not your answer. The pieces are not high-quality fabrics or construction. These are lower quality silk, wool, or cotton if they aren’t polyester or another synthetic fabric. These pieces are meant to be disposable and typically won’t last past a season. The only pieces that I might consider in this area are trendy pieces.

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